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Q: So what is Community Radio?
A: The community on the air.

Community Radio is an opportunity for one to access the airwaves regardless of age, gender, nationality or experience. SWR FM offers the community a voice. There is also ample opportunity for a career in the industry. Most commercial radio broadcasters started in community radio, in fact, there are a couple that started on SWR FM.

You don't have to be the world's best broadcaster to become a member of SWR FM. If you think you're not the type for on-air presenting there are other ways you can contribute to your local radio station. Examples of other activities you can undertake at SWR FM to help assist in its running include publicity & promotions work, technical assistance and training, and program management. As a member of the community, your ideas contribute to the running of the station.

If you wish to be involved in SWR FM, or even become a SWR FM DJ, you will need to become a member of the station. Firstly, call our office (02 9676 0999) and make an appointment to come and sign up as a member (and have a bit of a "sticky-beak" at the station while you are at it). Membership rules are explained in our Constitution and our Rulebook - you should read these before you submit and application for membership.

Once you're a member, you will have to attend several training sessions before you can broadcast.Training involves understanding of media law, your responsibilities as a broadcaster and use of SWR FM's studio. We are also in the process of designing an advanced technical training course. All training is provided free of charge to SWR FM members. Membership of SWRFM is no guarantee of airtime - our members apply for airtime each semester and our programmming committeee makes the final decision.

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